Photovoltaic panels

Cleaning of photovoltaic panels

Energy obtained from natural, recurring natural processes is called renewable energy. Every year the use of renewable energy sources is becoming more and more popular. One of the most popular solutions for obtaining energy from such sources is becoming photovoltaic panels, which allow the harvesting of solar energy. Unfortunately, only proper washing and maintenance can ensure their efficiency and prolong their life.

Wondering what a clean photovoltaic panel provides?

A clean photovoltaic panel is up to a 20% increase in productivity. A dirty panel generates much less electricity than a clean one, so keeping it clean is very important. There is a lot of dirt that the biggest summer downpours can’t handle. Panels that are dusty, covered with leaves, or contaminated with bird droppings will be even more difficult to remove over time, and will contribute to several percent energy loss.

Cleaning of photovoltaic panels

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Reinigung von Fotovoltaikanlagen

How do we clean the panels?

Our specialized team for cleaning photovoltaic panels uses distilled, demineralized water, which does not leave streaks on the tempered glass and does not risk leaving scale deposits on the glass. It is done using carbon lances and soft bristle brushes dedicated to cleaning the panels, under low water pressure.

The main threatening contaminants of photovoltaic panels

Among the most threatening pollutants are: bird droppings, leaves, sand, dust from fields, car exhaust, moss. Such layers of various substances promote the formation of lichens. The growth of plants is able to damage the panels, resulting in the replacement of the broken module.