Repair and construction services

Repair and construction services

Soffit Roofing

It is part of the finish of the underside of the eaves side of the roof. It is located in the outer space of the building. It is an element that protects the roof trusses, trusses and rafter ends that protrude beyond the roof slope. It has a wider application – it is the finishing touch to the roof and effectively covers up unattractive elements of its structure, but it is worth bearing in mind that it is an additional layer of thermal insulation.
thermal insulation layer.

Lined roof
Loft space building

Attic construction

The attic is quite a demanding space in the house. When carrying out its construction, it is necessary to take care of the highest quality materials with correctly selected parameters and coefficients and, just as importantly, high quality work. Any mistake or poorly chosen technology will result in aesthetic and economic problems in the future use of the attic.

Construction of Partitions

This is a wall inside a building, which is not a structural element and has no load-bearing properties. Such a wall should meet the prescribed requirements for soundproofing and fire resistance. Removal of the partition wall does not affect the structure of the building.


Painting walls is an excellent and quick way to refresh the appearance of your interior – whether a single room or an entire apartment.


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Paving works

Paving work

The work requires precision and proper preparation of the substrate. Otherwise, the final result may be far from the expected. In addition, surfaces made of paving stones are most often intended to serve for at least a dozen, if not several decades. Therefore, we perform all paving and ground work with great responsibility.

Machine plastering

Plasters formed by mixing ready-made dry plaster mixture with water in a plastering unit. They are applied with special spray guns. At the moment it is the most popular method of finishing walls and ceilings

Machine plastering
false ceiling

Suspended ceilings

A suspended ceiling is a system that offers numerous design possibilities. It is built of a supporting structure and cladding: gypsum board and gypsum-fiber board, as well as PVC plastic for stretch ceilings. Original built-in light fixtures and lighting effects appear as elements of suspended ceilings. Currently, the minimum height by which a ceiling can be lowered is 2 cm.

We also perform: laying of tiles, glazed tiles, terracotta.

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