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Finnish saunas

Finnish sauna is a small building made of wood with a furnace, filled to the brim with hot stones. Ideal for health and relaxation.

We make such rooms from wood and glass of the highest quality. Finnish saunas are characterized by high temperature, as well as low humidity. The name is not coincidental – this thermal attraction was invented in Finland and is constantly popular there.

Customized Finnish saunas will work perfectly in the garden, in locker rooms near the gym or even inside large and spacious estates. A home Finnish sauna is the right step to better well-being.

Finnish saunas

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Garden bales

Garden bales

Are you looking for an original meeting place? Or are you wondering how to design your garden to finally make it different from others? If so, you have no choice but to choose a garden balia, whose square design attracts the eyes of others, and the meticulous selection of wood and its perfect finish will ensure its long life.

The manufacturer of the garden tub saw to it that its use is pleasant both in summer and winter – regardless of the weather, always under the open sky, thanks to the high temperature of the water, no one will certainly be cold.

Bathing in a garden tub is not only an interesting form of leisure, because it will have a beneficial effect on our body after a long day at work or time spent with children, relaxing and relaxing the tired body.

The construction of the garden tub has been designed so that it is also safe for children – not too high, and above all stable, so that the water will not spill over the sides, and we will not have to worry about bathing together.

Wooden single-storey houses

One-story wooden houses are an excellent idea for creating a family focal point in a space designed from the ground up. In our offer, you can find various types of compact buildings designed for living and recreation, such as, for example, single-story wooden houses.

They can serve as an insulated, year-round residential building, but also work well as a seasonal or recreational building. Wooden single-story houses create the possibility of any arrangement of interior design elements.

The individual approach to the project allows you to create the perfect place to live, according to the vision of its future owner. One-story wooden houses are an idea for developing a large garden or a plot of land outside the city. It is also an excellent option for all owners of plots of land by the sea, lake and in the mountains. Such single-story wooden houses are an excellent idea for tourist accommodations.

Wooden one-storey houses