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Cleaning of houses and apartments

Cleaning houses and apartments is a never-ending job, so sometimes it’s worth thinking about a replacement. We offer comprehensive residential cleaning services. We ensure the highest standard of work performed, we use only proven chemicals and modern equipment that make our work easier and faster.

We offer our customers:

  • Washing of glass and mirror surfaces,
  • Washing and cleaning of floors,
  • Vacuuming carpets, rugs and rugs,
  • Vacuuming stairs and hallways,
  • Refreshing walls, ceilings and nooks and crannies,
  • Cleaning of lamps: hanging, standing, wall lamps,
  • Wiping dust off furniture and objects in the house,
  • Comprehensive cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen areas,
  • At the request of the client, we iron, arrange things in the closet, change bedding and more.

We undertake work that we can perform efficiently and reliably. We care about the quality of the work and customer satisfaction.

We work with contractors offering both one-time and recurring orders. We undertake a variety of orders related to cleaning houses and apartments. We set prices individually depending on the scope of work, degree of contamination and length of cooperation.


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Sprzątanie jachtów i żaglówek

Cleaning of yachts and sailboats

Yachts and sailboats are not just about the joy of sailing and the feeling of freedom. Often you have to deal with everyday life and before the vessel leaves the harbor, you have to spend a lot of time cleaning up. We do this for our customers, so that when they board their yacht or sailboat they can leave the harbor right away and enjoy the joy of sailing.

We also provide services to companies that charter vessels. We do a thorough cleanup after each boat’s docking so that the next renter receives a top-quality product.

We prepare yachts and sailboats for spring launching. We have excellent quality chemicals that guarantee thorough cleaning of even the oldest and most resistant dirt.

Cleaning of companies and public institutions

We offer comprehensive services to companies and public institutions in the field of cleaning. We have the necessary experience and competence to authorize us to carry out orders from companies.

We perform cleanup work:

  • in the offices,
  • In the corridors,
  • In social spaces,
  • In bathrooms,
  • In the locker rooms.

The scope of our activities includes:

  • washing windows, glass, mirrors,
  • Vacuuming carpets and floors,
  • cleaning kitchen appliances,
  • Cleaning and washing bathrooms,
  • Wiping off dust on desks and cabinets,
  • taking out the garbage,
  • Refreshing walls and ceilings.

Most often, we perform our duties after company hours so that our work does not interfere with company operations. Our contractors can count on our discretion. The scope of the services performed is determined and consulted with the client, and this allows us to perform the order accurately.

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